Want to Become a Better Chipper? Follow These Tips from Gavin Witzer, PGA

Golf is the hardest sport in the world to master. To quasi-master. Hell, to just get good enough to look a friend in the face with confidence and say, “I got you today, buddy!”

The quickest path to shooting lower scores and gaining confidence is to work on your short game — 100 ft. and in.

If you improve your pitching and chipping, say, cut the average distance from the hole your shots finish up by 50%, you will carve strokes off of your score. It really is that simple. Instead of staring down a bunch of 8-10 ft. par putts, take advantage of 4-5 ft. par putts. (Yes, we know putting is hard as hell too, but you only have so much time in the day to practice!)

Our buddy Gavin Witzer shares a few tips on how to improve your chipping. Now don’t be a silly perro. Practice these tips with a purpose and start shooting lower scores.

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