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This Was Awesome! @K_Kisner

Hey Kiz. If it were up to us, Captain Stricker will be picking you for the Ryder Cup. Team USA could definitely use some of that sweet ol' Georgia moxie you bring every week. Good luck!

Baron’s Got Balls…and Passion

Feeling the passion from Doug Baron

Perfect Putting Mat™ – BARSTOOL GOLF EDITION

It's back in stock. $179.99 ain't cheap but this mat by Perfect Practice looks worth the dough.

This is Bananas – Baseball Player Walks to Plate with Caddie, Clubs and All

Josh Lavender takes the plate with a range finder, caddie, and a whole set clubs. It looks like he opted for his 3 wood lol. Solid choice!

Obama Tees It Up Before His Big 60th Birthday Bash

Who Doesn't Love to Get Some Strokes in Before a Big Party.

Kevin Heart & Snoop Dogg’s Golf Commentary is Pure Gold 😂

The Best Commentary of the 2021 Olympics

J.R. Smith Enrolls at HBCU and Hopes to Become a 35yr Old College Golfer

From Hoops to Links J.R. Smith is Ready to Join the NC A&T Golf Team

G/FORE Coming in Hot

These limited addition camo gloves have us craving a round on the links. $40 might be a bit steep but they do look pretty darn worth it.

Lessons for “Nasty Perros”

Manolo Vega ⛳️ is not only a golf instructor giving great advice, but he's hilarious. Give him a shot, you'll be thankful you did. @manoloteachesgolf

We Love Monarch Beach Golf Links’ Monday Mulligans

Great lessons. Cool course. Beach vibes.